Vehicle Purchasing Program Information

National Benefits Vehicle Program

This exclusive vehicle purchasing program provides you and your immediate family members no matter where they may live in the United States, the ability to purchase or lease personal vehicles. It guarantees pricing below most offers, advertisements, internet sales, or any other type of sale promotion being made to the general public.

Your exclusive and private pricing, provided only at the dealership with your emailed Voucher, also include any and all advertised rebates and incentives at the time of sale.

How to Activate Your Vehicle Purchasing Program Benefits:

  1. You must first call the nearest regional office to register at no cost or obligation before making contact with any automotive dealership by telephone, internet or in person. Your nearest Regional Office contact information is located on the Hours of Operation tab on this web site.
  2. Upon almost instant verification of your official employment, and your selection of make and model, you will receive your Voucher through your email.
  3. It is MOST IMPORTANT that we initiate direct contact with the management of a our particular authorized dealership and immediately send your special Voucher, which will give you the name and address of the dealership. The Voucher will also contain the name of the Sales Manager(s) you will need to see first, before speaking to anyone else, so that you won’t be mistaken as a retail customer.
  4. This document announces you as an official referral from our headquarters and ensures full disclosure and proper discounted pricing according to your employee discount program.
  5. The Selected Sales or Fleet Sales Manager will have been notified to expect you to appear with your Voucher/Letter. Please understand that no pricing information can be given over the telephone or email, as your employee vehicle purchasing program is not shared with the general public.
  6. IMPORTANT: You are further instructed to call our headquarters immediately right from the dealership, if there is any need for further understanding, or if you feel the dealership is not acting in your best interest.
  7. If you decide to take possession of the vehicle, you are required to call your regional office within 72 hours after the sale (not including weekends), with the last 8 digits of your VIN NUMBER.  For your protection, our Legal Department will then obtain transcripts of your individual transaction from the dealership to ensure proper pricing according with your employee benefits and send you a letter in the mail to notify you of their findings. Also, at that time your file will remain open in the event you experience any future difficulties with your Warranty, Service Department visits, or any future interaction with the dealership where you might feel you need our assistance. We would then intercede on your behalf with the dealerships management to ensure your ultimate satisfaction throughout your ownership experience. As you can see, this is a very unique and strong program!
  8. After a few days, you will receive a letter from our Legal Department to inform you of their pricing investigation. In the unusual event an error was detected, you will receive a full explanation of our findings along with a copy of a notification to the dealership to correct the matter. In the event there was an overcharge, we would see all moneys due to you are reimbursed. We remain with you throughout your entire ownership experience!


NBP Vehicle Purchasing Program

We strongly suggest holding back on your trade vehicle, until the buy price has been established for your new one first.  This way the true offering of your trade will be clear and separate.




In any event, please know we are here to help you with any questions with the vehicle purchasing program. If you are calling after hours, then our voice mail will give you a special number, which connects to the cell phone of any one of our duty officers on watch for that day and time, up until 9 PM, EST. If you are having an issue while you are at the dealership, call us immediately before your leave!

Remember, we are your Employee Benefits, as we work for you, NOT THE DEALERSHIP!