Employee Discounted Vehicle Leasing Program

National Benefits Vehicle Leasing Program

This exclusive employee vehicle leasing program provides you and your immediate family members the ability to lease personal vehicles.  It guarantees pricing and lease payments to fall below general retail offers, advertisements, internet sales, or any other type of retail sale promotion being offered to the general public.

Your private price quotes shall also include any advertised rebates and incentives applicable at the time of sale.

Vehicle Leasing Program Information:

1)- You must first contact your nearest Regional Office according to your address, at no cost or obligation, before making contact with any automotive dealership by telephone, internet or in person, to avoid being mistaken as a retail customer.

It is most important,  that WE, initiate direct contact with the management of a particular authorized dealership and immediately send through your email, a special Voucher, which will give you the name and address of the specific authorized dealership and most importantly, the name of the Sales Manager(s) you will need to see first upon arrival.

Now that your “buy price” has been established you must make sure the same number appears in your leasing agreement within the line entitled “Capitalized Cost”. Subsequently, your monthly payment will be  less and so will your taxes!

If there is any question at this juncture, STOP the process and call your Regional Office.  If after 5PM EST, an “after hours” number will be given from our voice mail, which will directly connect to one of our officers on watch, up until 9PM.

If you initiate the car leasing process and leave your name first, whether by telephone, internet or in person, the dealership will claim you as their potential retail sale customer, regardless of your official employment status.  This will leave you ineligible to use your employee vehicle leasing program at that dealership, because the dealership will see you as a Retail Customer only, and therefore subject to higher pricing.

2)- We will need the make and model of your desired vehicle.

3)- Our Regional Office will then send an officially coded communication directly to the management of the authorized automotive dealership, as close to your zip code as possible and the send your emailed Voucher.

4)- Once you have your Voucher, just go to the dealership and ask for the named manager only.  If not present, then call us right from the dealership, so that we can make sure the dealership is following the proper protocols and procedures for your protection.

5)- The Voucher will have the name of the authorized dealership, the specific address and the name of the authorized manager(s) designated to assist you.

Important Points

Helpful Rule #1

Never mention your desire to consider a lease until you first establish the program BUY PRICE, as that number must appear in the Capitalized Cost Line on a leasing agreement. The less the Capitalized Cost, . . .the less your monthly Lease Payment! In the event the figure in the Capitalized Cost line is greater than the Buy Price, you will be paying more for the lease than you should. At that point, you should call us immediately, right from the dealership.

Helpful Rule #2

Never introduce your trade vehicle until the buy price has been established first.  This way the true offering of your trade will be clear and separate.

A- If at this point you have a question or feel confused in any way, please stop everything and call our regional office immediately and one of our duty officers,  will assist you or speak to the person that is helping you to make sure all goes exactly in accordance with your employee program.

B- There are times that the pricing will fall below invoice , when certain rebates and incentives apply, which are applicable at the time of this lease, or sale.  This total should be shown in your Leasing Agreement, under the line entitled Capitalized Cost.

Please Note, in many instances the Dealer fees are already imprinted on the documents and lawfully cannot be crossed out. However, the Manager will reduce the “starting price” to reflect a full credit for the imprinted Dealer Fee.

The additional and lawful fees, which need to be added to the figures would only be Sales Tax based on the monthly payment and not the entire total, Battery & Tire Disposal Fees and New Tag or Transfer Fees. (which belong to the State).

C- If you decide to take possession of your newly leased vehicle under the vehicle leasing program, you are directed to contact our regional office within 72 hours after the sale with the Vin number.  Our legal department will then follow up and obtain transcripts of your leasing transaction from the delivering dealership to ensure your lease was configured accurately according to your employee benefits program. You will then be sent a letter as to their findings, and in the event of any mistakes we immediately notify the delivering dealership to make appropriate adjustments.


Once we have been notified of your delivery under our vehicle leasing program, your file remains open in the event you may have any difficulties with the Warranty, Service Departments, or any other interaction, that you might feel is not being taken care of appropriately throughout your ownership experience. If necessary, we will intercede on your behalf with the dealership management to ensure all your needs and concerns are addressed effectively to your satisfaction.

E- Please understand that no pricing quotes can be given to you over the telephone, or internet or fax, as these programs are not shared with the general public, and you will be required to show your employment identification if asked. (I.D. badge, paycheck stub or picture I.D.).

F- When it comes time for you to use the program again for yourself or another family member, YOU must call us to introduce your family member and also make sure you first call us before leaving your name or your family member’s name with any dealership. Otherwise, you will only be accepted as a retail customer no matter whom you say you work for. Our official communication must always be sent to the dealership’s management first.

NOTE: Please be advised that we do not allow every automotive dealership to participate, as we screen them very carefully through the Department of Professional Regulation, Consumer Affairs, The Better Business Bureau and J.D. Powers and Associates for their Customer Satisfaction Surveys pertaining to overall experience. We expel dealerships if they fall below acceptable levels.


Cutting a present lease short is never a prudent financial way to go, because the total of the remaining payments are always due and are always calculated and added to the next transaction. Only the leasing company has the power to waive continuing payments; not the dealership!

For all other needed information about our vehicle leasing program, please visit our FAQ’S.