Mortgage & Refinance Programs

Mortgage & Refinance Programs

New Mortgage & Refinance Programs, including Signature Loans

We proudly serve our military, reservists, retirees, federal, state & county personnel, including immediate families, with special incentives not shared with the general public, with our new mortgage & refinance programs, which include signature loans.

Our participating authorized and federally regulated lenders are structured to offer certain incentives which are not shared with the general public.

Once your call for our mortgage & refinance programs is received into any one of our Regional Offices and your official employment is verified, you will be assigned to our next available authorized Divisional Agent for a full disclosure of all the details and benefits of your Supplemental Employee Program, and how you may best use it for your personal needs.

Many lenders still lure potential borrowers by offering teaser rates and then change the numbers at the closing table, when you are then exhausted and pressured into signing the closing documents at the last minute.

The lenders in our Mortgage & Refinance Programs are instead obligated to give you:

  • the most competitive rates available anywhere
  • a full disclosure of all charges at the time your application is approved for funding
  • a no hidden surprise changes at the closing table.

This better process allows you enough time to review all the information at your leisure without any pressure, ask many questions and have the time to confer with an attorney of your choosing to ensure your interests are being represented lawfully and to your advantage.

To put it plainly, No pressure, No surprises, No hidden charges!

We do encourage all potential borrowers to consider obtaining an attorney, as many real estate sales contracts are weighted in favor of the seller, and often leave the buyer with less rights.

Once again, You are under no obligation with our Mortgage & Refinance Programs, and the information is free to you and your immediate families, no matter where they live in the United States of America.

Call today or fill out the form on the right side of the page for your more information!

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