New York City Dept. of Sanitation

New York City Dept. of Sanitation

Below is a testimonial from the New York City Dept. of Sanitation.

New York City Sanitation Department Endorsement

Transcript of Testimonial from New York City Dept. of Sanitation

To: Whom it may Concern
From: John Wroblewski

I John Wroblewski, Supv., BBM, Dept. of Sanitation am writing this letter to reflect the work of Olwyn in regards to the Employee Discount Program.

On Saturday, 3-7-9 I called Olwyn and explained to her that my son, who will just be turning 17 years old, was trying to locate a car. This being his first car of course a very special day. Well, let me tell you Olwyn went right to work and went. After calling 21 places she located a place where she thought it might be worth taking a ride into Brooklyn around 11 miles from my house. Of course the reason for this is my 17 year old son is very picky. Well, let me tell you Olwyn’s work just began. My son fell in love with a 2006 Mustang. (Who wouldn’t) At this time I called Olwyn. She was right on the phone with the salesman, getting me a price around $2,400 under Blue Book value. The price was agreed upon, but Olwyn’s job was not finished. After sitting down with the with a salesperson and being talked into a couple of extra cost (warranty, destination, and prep charges) and signing contract. After a good night sleep I realized that these were bogus charges. Once again on the phone to Olwyn explaining what happened. She was not happy once again calling and having bogus charges dropped or lowered saving me another $2,300.

Just writing this letter to thank Olwyn to let her know she is a professional at what she does, and a great person making this one of the best days of my son’s life.

Thank You,
John Wroblewski

PS: Talking to people on the job who dealt with Olwyn having the same results.