Mercy Hospital

Mercy Hospital

This is the acceptance letter from Mercy Hospital in Miami, Fl, to the National Benefits & Vehicle Programs supplemental employee benefits.  Click on the image below for the full size letter.

Mercy Hospital Acceptance Letter

Here is a transcript of the acceptance letter from Mercy Hospital:

Dear Mr. Cristodero,

Thank you for extending your discount offer for our employees.  We are certain that they would certainly appreciate your offer.  However, there are certain guidelines that must be followed in order to place your information on our brochure rack.

  • Your flyer/coupon must contain the following phrase “This discount is for Mercy Hospital employees”
  • No posters are permitted
  • You must provide us minimum 200-400 flyers/coupons for our rack.  (We do not have the capacity to make copies.)

We want to thank you again for allowing us to make this benefit available to our employees, as we are sure they will take good advantage of it.

The flyers you sent me adhere to our policy.  I made copies for you and they are out on our display board.  Thanks!


Christine Muller

Human Resources Representative