Supplemental Federal Employee Benefits Programs

At National Benefits Programs, we are proud to offer to all federal employees, retirees and their immediate family members, exclusive access to our Supplemental Federal Employee Benefits Programs.

The best part is, they are all at no cost to you!

We are an officially authorized National Agency, with official written verification and acceptances, to provide a variety of Supplemental Benefits Programs, to all Federal Employees, including, but not limited to Homeland Security, Border Patrol, TSA, Departments of Treasury and Justice, et al. These benefits are available all across the United States.

Federal Employee Benefits Programs

Our most popular supplemental federal employee benefits programs are our Discounted Vehicle Purchasing Program and Vehicle Leasing Program. They guarantee the auto dealership offers you the lowest pricing available, beating all prices offered to the general public.

The best part is that there is no haggling, you deal directly with management, all you need to worry about is selecting the right vehicle.

We also have supplemental federal employee benefits programs for Home Mortgages, Home Refinancing, Loan Modifications, Real Estate Services, all types of Life Insurance with special incentives, including long term and specialized Health Care Insurance Programs. Also available are special Annuity Programs, with built in guaranteed loss protection, regardless of market trends & IRA Rollovers. See our benefits programs.

At National Benefits Programs we like to say “We can’t directly give you a raise, but we can help you make your salary go further!”

Find out more about our Supplemental Federal Employee Benefits Programs.

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